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Our Ragdoll Boys

Perhaps the single most influential cat in a breeding program is the foundation male. It is he who will have the greatest impact on the next generation of kittens. We wish to introduce our foundation male ...


RW Champion

Master Sargent
Seal Point Mitted

HCM DNA Negative Blood Type A

Master Sargent is a truly extraordinary Seal Mitted Ragdoll. He rightfully won TICA's 2004 Region of Southwest Champion Best Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll of the Year and we are proud to call him our own.

Thank you  Cheryl Adams of Ragbencher Ragdolls for entrusting us with the beautiful Master Sargent. He is a wonderful loving big boy.

Master Sargents Lineage

Blue Bi-Color Male 
HCM DNA Negative Blood Type A

Now living in Utah

Thank you to Linda Fagrell of SpiceDolls. Thank you for the handsome Simba. He has bought such joy to our home.


Simba at 9 months


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